Saturday, May 30, 2009

A taste of Americana

Back in the 1960's and 70's life was so different, and just a little bit slower. A time when kids could go outside and play until after dark without a fear. We all knew our neighbors, and we always smiled and waved when we passed them on the sidewalk. Or carried on conversations over a fence. The neighborhood was a part of a bigger family.

We also had drive in's, and on a Friday or Saturday night Dad and Mom would pack us up with snacks, Jammie's, and pillows and off we went. To exciting adventures on the big screen. As soon as Dad found the perfect spot to park, and put the speaker on the window, off we would go to the playground up front under the screen. Usually we would last through the first movie, then conk out for the second, which I am sure made it much better for Dad and Mom.

Last night, we enjoyed that same tradition. My sis-in-law Gigi called up and asked us to go with them to the drive in. It was so much fun, and still exciting as I prepped for the occasion. We packed snacks, blankets, Jammie's and chairs just like the old days. The playground equipment I played on is now gone, but all our kids had a great time playing, and we had a great time chatting while we waited for the movies to start. Now days, you listen on your car radio instead of a crackly speaker, and yes, we had a better time watching the second feature when the kids fell asleep and were finally quiet enough for us to hear something. What a wonderful time. It brings a bit of childhood back.

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