Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Time tends to repeat itself...

When my brother Craig and I were little, we thought we would trick our parents. We switched pajamas, put on hats and sunglasses so our parents could not tell the difference between our hair and eyes, and thought we were just so funny. Of course we did not fool anyone, but we had a good time.
Tonight, my little kids seem to be repeating history. I came up the stairs and here they were. She had on his Jammie's, slippers and hat and he had on her hat and shoes. What a funny sight they were. Of course, they also thought they were just too funny. The laughing and giggling that followed was good for the heart and mind.
Here they are being "teenager boys". I guess that means putting your arm in the air and giggling.
What a cute pair they are. I love it when they actually get along and play well together.


Holloway Family said...

Aren't kids just the funniest people on earth?! ;)

MotherKnowsBest said...

Nicole, that is so cute! Hope all is going well for your crew. Have a great day!!