Friday, April 3, 2009

Going to the chapel and we're gonna get married.....

Look at this charming cute little face. It's a face you could just fall in love with, and that is what has happened, twice over.
If you read my post about Spencer's two girl friends then this will come as no surprise.
Stevie has given Spencer another two "love pictures". I can only find one, but I did take a picture of the envelope she made to put one of them in.

Let's face it, the girl has talent. Unfortunately, my boy is bound to be a heart breaker. Today he told me that Stevie is no longer his girlfriend. "He and Makenna have decided to get married." This said in all honesty and seriousness. It is just way too cute. I hope poor little Stevie can get over him, your first love is always the one you never forget.

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Laura said...

Thank you for your sweet sentiments on my blog. Your children are darling! Again, thank you, you are a warrior!