Friday, March 20, 2009

Spencer, such a ladies man.......a boy.

Last year in pre-school Spencer hooked up with a little girl from almost the first day. They were best chum's from that point on. Her name is Kaitlin, and they played together every day. It did not matter who joined their little group, they welcomed others, but they were never separated. Close to the end of the year, she drew him a picture with just her and him and some hearts. I knew what was coming..... yes, in a few days she asked Spencer to be her boyfriend. I must say that I was thrilled that my little boy had a little girls heart. It was cute and innocent so I wasn't worried about it.
Now that he is in kindergarten he still seems to have the charm, looks and grace to capture a little girls heart.......or two, or three. At the first of the school year, he liked Madeline, now however it seems that a little girl named Stevie likes him. Once again evidenced by her picture to him. Stevie drew this first picture of my little ladies man and herself. A pretty good drawing if you ask me. Note the hearts once again, and.......

they are each thinking loving thoughts. this is so gosh darn cute. I can say that, it is only kindergarten.

The other day, he brought home yet another picture by yet another little girl. Brisa is her name and yes, there are hearts in her picture too, along with a frog. I guess she knows what little boys like. Other girls have been giving him heart shaped candy and gum. This is really getting humorous. I just hope he can get a good girl to date when he is older.

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