Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Spencer's Thanksgiving Card

My son Spencer is in his 2nd year of Chinese class at school, he started in the second grade.
This year in that class, he made me a Thanksgiving card. The front of the card says,( in Chinese) Happy Thanksgiving. With a turkey on a platter with a knife pointing to it. The turkey is thinking "uh oh!"

On the inside is a live turkey saying, "do not eat me plea...!!" Notice the arrows coming in at the turkey. Then on the other side the turkey is on the platter and saying, "oh well, can you pass the cranberry sauce?" It also says in Chinese, I'm thankful for mama.

The back has the turkey on a platter and a pumpkin.

No offence to the vegetarians, but I think this card is not only sweet, but hilarious. The turkey is very well drawn. I love this card and will keep it forever.

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