Thursday, December 23, 2010

20th Anniversary......sort of

This is my best friend Samantha, I know I have talked about her before. Last Christmas when she came to town in fact. We have known each other since 1990 when she came to school at Purdue. Our mutual friend Melanie decided we would be great friends if we only got to know each other, so she introduced us and the rest is history. We hit it off and became fast friends that has lasted through the years.
She moves a lot with her job, so she only gets to town about once a year, so each Christmas we get together to exchange gifts, eat, laugh and generally have as much fun as we can pack into a few hours.
Yesterday we went had a ball. It makes me very thankful to have such a great friend in my life, I miss her and wish I could see her more often. Maybe I should make a trip to her house for a visit.

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