Friday, August 13, 2010

Adventures in Peach Picking

My sis in law and I decided to go to our local orchard to pick peaches. Since we went together at strawberry picking time I figured I could find it again. Wrong!!!! We set out, much later than I wanted so we were already running against time before the orchard closed at 1:00. When we hit the next county I knew we had gone too far but did not know where the mistake had been made. As we were driving back and forth trying to figure our mistake out I realized that I was almost out of gas, I mean right next to empty. Ugghhhh, I wish I had noticed it before we left town. I finally realized the turn I missed and we made it with only 10 min left, not enough time to pick our own. Annie, the orchard owner sent her teen workers out to pick us a bushel each. When we got back to town I think I was running on vapors as the needle was way down on the empty mark, but I made it to the gas station. Yeahhhhhh!

With the yummy peaches I made several batches of peach jam. Oh my gosh it is so good!!! I also made the filling for several peach pies.
It will be very nice to have all this fruit tastiness come winter, and some funny memories to go with each bite

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designHER Momma said...

what orchard was it? We want to go peach picking close to Indy and don't know where to go!